Create the best first impression with the airnote® range

Cartridges in a range of inspiring fragrances are available for the airnote Liquid-ions atomiser. There’s also a Fragrance Free version if you just want to enjoy purer air.

The fragranced cartridges contain active ingredients that tackle those problematic lingering odours, while Liquid-ions technology also gets to work purifying and freshening the air.

The airnote fragrance range:

Product Description Liquid-ions
Active Malodour
Control Technology
Fragrance Free Unfragranced air technology. Yes
Bright Citrus Citrus-scented fragrance with grapefruit and spice notes. Yes Yes
Fresh Peach A refreshing and fruity aroma which is warm, welcoming and clean-feeling. Yes Yes
Lavender A classic lavender fragrance. Yes Yes
Resort Floral Floral and fruity, with a top note of citrus and green apple, followed by rose and gardenia scents. Yes Yes
Urban Green An aromatic green scent based on galbanum, with lime citrus and lily of the valley. Yes Yes

airnote Liquid-ions technology has been tested and validated to achieve particulate reduction in a room size of 50m3 (switch setting III) and of fragrance diffusivity* into a space of 152m3 (*excludes Fragrance Free).

Which odours can it combat?

 Product Particle Reduction Malodour Control
Dust, PM2.5s Smoke Kitchen Bathroom Pet
Fragrance Free Yes
Bright Citrus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fresh Peach Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lavender Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resort Floral Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Urban Green Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes