airnote® Liquid-ions technology

Going far beyond what a conventional air freshener can achieve, the airnote Liquid-ions atomiser purifies and fragrances the air, and actively fights lingering odours. We call it ‘Science in a Droplet’.

The atomiser uses the science of electrostatic power – not heat or aerosols – to gently release its droplets. Instead of falling to the ground and being wasted, Liquid-ions droplets spread out, stay in the air and travel on natural air currents to treat the whole room.

The specially-formulated droplets bind with dust and other small particles and carry them to the ground, reducing the pollutants in the air and giving it a fresh, just-cleaned feel.

The high-quality fragrances contain active ingredients that are highly effective at treating the stubborn problem odours caused by cigarette smoke, pet accidents, kitchen waste, and bathrooms.

It’s innovative technology made simple to use – there’s no maintenance needed and the atomiser uses ordinary AA batteries.