How to use

How to set up and use your airnote® atomiser

  • Find an appropriate place to fix the bracket (ideally 2m or 6 ½ feet above the ground).
  • Insert the two AA batteries into the airnote power unit. Make sure you insert the batteries the correct way round.
  • Ensure the power unit is off, then place the unactivated cartridge onto the top of the power unit.
  • Activate the cartridge by following the two-step instructions on the label: press the button on the back of the cartridge, then push the top and bottom of the cartridge together until the gap is closed and the cartridge segments click into place.
  • Place the unit on setting III initially for maximum effect. After a few hours the air should be noticeably clearer. You can then adjust the control to achieve the optimal coverage for your room size and fragancing needs.