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Our atomiser technology has gone from strength to strength over the years. Over that time, we have developed new generations of improved products. The current range includes the successful airnote® Liquid-ions® atomiser, which is ideal for hospitality, workplace and shared office environments.

As part of its ongoing programme of updates and advances, Sumitomo Chemical ended production of the cleanaer™ product range in mid 2014 and the cleanaer line is now no longer supported by us.


What to do if you have an issue

Check your cartridge. It has a use-by date printed on the protective silver foil. You should not use any cartridge after its use-by date.

Check your batteries. Replacement batteries have been supplied with each cartridge unit. Batteries have a use-by date, too. You should not use any batteries after their use-by dates.

Performance of any cleanaer product cannot be guaranteed if any component has exceeded its use-by date.

In case you have an issue with any cleanaer product, you should contact whoever supplied it to you.


cleanaer subscriptions

If you have a subscription relating to cleanaer or airnote products in the UK, please contact Calber Facilities Management ( for further information.


Thank you for your support

We thank our loyal customers for their support of the cleanaer product range over the years and are pleased to welcome our airnote partners in the next phase of our Liquid-ions atomiser offering.